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Golf and Giving Back A Great Approach for PGA Tour Champions

Golf and Giving Back A Great Approach for PGA Tour Champions

Thousand Oaks, CA (BDCi Sports) – All four major U.S. sports are in motion these days, but golf is the focus at the Sherwood Country Club this week. The first ever PGA Tour Champions “Powershares QQQ” championship tournament will begin the first of 3 legs on the weekend of October 28-30 at this prestigious golf course just outside of Los Angeles County.


As part of the celebration of the upcoming weekend’s championship, a celebrity golf round was hosted by the non-profit organization “First Tee of Los Angeles” on Monday morning. Eighteen groups of five people played to raise awareness of First Tee’s mission of bringing golf into the lives of children who don’t normally have access to golf in their communities. Each group of five golfers was made up of 3 amateurs, 1 professional and 1 Hollywood celebrity.

Notable celebrities in attendance were:  Comedian/Actor Ray Romano (Everyone Loves Raymond), Actor Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Actor Adam Rodriquez (Criminal Minds), Actor Craig T Nelson (Coach), Comedian/Actor Kevin Nealon (SNL), Athlete Kenny Lofton and Actor Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy).

“Glad to help “First Tee”, said Criminal Minds lead actor Joe Mantegna. “Golf is not just a sport; it teaches one sportsmanship, manners, it teaches honesty, it teaches a lot of things you wouldn’t associate with a sport. It’s a life thing, a culture thing. The fact that this organization is trying to integrate that to children is a great thing. The kids I met today are so polite.”


The PGA Tour Champions is a division of the greater PGA that features former famous professional golfers 50 and over. The Powershares QQQ tournament is the first of its kind, and after the third and final weekend in Scottsdale Arizona, a PGA Tour Champion will be crowned for the 2016 year.

Proceeds from each of the tournament’s weekend rounds benefit local charities which is a major focus of the Powershares QQQ. According to PGA Tour Communications Manager Candace Reinheimer, this week’s revenue will be shared with the Sherwood Cares Foundation, which in its association with the country club, “does a great deal for organizations and kids in Thousand Oaks and the greater Ventura County area.”

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