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Leather is the autumn trend for 2012

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Leather is the autumn trend for 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — Hello Fashionistas! It’s time to think about  the fanciest time of the year, the fall season, and with that you might be thinking about investing in a very stylish wardrobe.

If you have a certain style in mind, it’s time to spicy it up. You don’t have to completely step out of your comfort zone and go crazy, but fall is definitely a season where you can embrace new trends, look classy and cozy.

I want to start our weekly posting by talking about leather, which is the latest trend for the season. If you browse around some online news on what happen on the biggest fashion week around the world, you will notice how strong leather will be this fall and winter.

I’m hoping you like leather clothing, and if you don’t, I hope I can change your mind! Lately, designers and big brands are investing a lot in all sorts of  this style. From crazy heavy leather, to the most simple and light weight ones.

Classic leather: We are used to see fancy beautiful hang bags and boots in either brown, caramel or the famous black leather, but this year the sky is the limit. They will always be in, but the latest news in the industry is the leather skirts, tops, jumpsuits, rompers, pants , jackets and blazers. The pieces that are in most evidence lately are: leather skirt from A line to circle shape, pants, the super tight and skinny ones, tops with peplum, and the classic leather jacket rock n ‘ style.

Colored leather: I know it can be a little bit more expensive, but since designers decided to make it a huge trend, all the famous brands did a cheap or less expensive version of it, so that way, just about anybody can afford. Vivid red, white, and even tons of blue and orange are coming in out this season. It is pretty crazy how amazing they look. I encourage you to absolutely buy one classic and one bright color.

There are a lot of options out there and jackets are not just one more item anymore, it is a must have it, stores like: H&M, Forever21, Zara, and online sites are a great option for affordable items compared to big designer’s brand. It requires a little research for great deals. This trend will be in for while, so you it is up to you to invest a just a little or a lot, whatever your choice will be, I assure you won’t be wasting your money.

Leather is always an option to look stylish and incredible. Unfortunately it’s too hot to wear during the summer and it doesn’t warm you enough during the winter, so fall is the best season to go over the top with the style.

That is the tip of the week to open your mind about this fall style. More tips coming up soon as we move with the fall season. Now go shopping for your leather piece!

See you guys next week with more FALL FASHION TIPS!

By Giselle Claudino

Edited by Janete Weinstein

Source: Elle.com, In Style.com, lalajeans.com

Photos: Google images, lalajeans, fabfatale

September 25, 2012

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