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Hottest Boots for Fall 2012

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Hottest Boots for Fall 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) – – Hello, Fashionistas!  How is fall going for you so far??

I hope that your closet is filled with the hottest sweaters, jackets, pants, cardigans, leggings and of course, boots, which is the subject that we are focusing on today.

Have you shopped for new footwear lately? Specifically I mean have you got a new pair of boots for this season yet? If you haven’t, this is a great opportunity for you to get familiar with the hottest fall trends when we are talking about shoes.

According to fashion magazines like Vogue, In Style and Elle, boots are for sure the main item in a fall wardrobe. Why is that? Well, it just happens to complement any possible look. For example, if you have either pants, skirts, leggings, shorts or dresses on, any of those pieces will go well with boots. The trick is knowing how to style it together to look amazing.

Here is one note to keep in mind: Even though short sized skirts, little shorts and some of the spring/summer items are not completely appropriate for fall, as a fashionista and creative person, you can just improvise something easy and transform the summer/spring look to a fall look.

Check out how simple it is: All you have to do to convert the spring/summer look drastically is add a piece of warm clothing (leggings for example) under the skirt, the shorts…etc. That way, you will be warm, trendy, and able to add the boots to the look.

You can’t go wrong with this tip, it works!!

Here are the 6 hottest boots styles for this season!  

·        Over the knee – I will start with that one since it’s simply my favorite. OMG!! Isn’t it amazing how sexy a pair of boots like the high knew ones can just make a simple outfit look incredible? So, many designers have crafted their own variation of this style so you must check it out. You can’t go wrong with over the knee boots this season. Get yours now!

·         Knee High – These are the most popular and the most demanded. High-rise boots that hit directly under the knee deserve a place in every woman’s closet. Whether you prefer yours flat or super high heels, it doesn’t matter; it’s a sure thing that will breathe life into your personal style.

·         Mid Calf – These are definitely trendy, cute and easy. Not too tall and not too short, the mid-calf boot feels just about right. This season they come with prints, amazing solid colors, lace ups, pieces of metal as part of the design, and so on. Very diverse styles.

·         Ankle boots –  They make multiple statements this fall. They are everywhere in every print, every color, with every detail you can imagine. Flats or high heels, the ankle boots trend is a hit and you can’t go wrong with it.

·         Animal print – knee, mid or ankle length, flats or with heels, the animal print boots are a hit this season. I particularly don’t like them, but they are for sure “in” now. If you are into prints, you will for sure like the options this year, as there are many to choose from, and some of them are very unique.

There are countless styles to select, multiple colors and a huge range of price points, so do your research and see what fits our style and budget best. Next week I will bring you 5 more boot styles for fall just to make your shopping that much more crazy.

Remember:  Recycling is important. If you don’t have a lot of money, check out your closet first for options and see if you can re-use some of the boots your have from past falls and winters. They might be SUPER CLASSY right now!!

See you guys next week with more FALL FASHION TIPS!

By Giselle Claudino Edited by Janete Weinstein and Edward Pollard Source: Glamour Fashion, Elle, Vogue Photos: Glamour, In style, google images

October 31, 2012

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