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Hair Trends for Fall 2012

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Hair Trends for Fall 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi)  Hello, Fashionistas! Our Fashion Spotlight this week brings you the latest news on hair care and styling for the fall season. Since it’s not summer anymore, your hair also needs to make a statement in the fashion world. It’s all part of the package!
This week we’re taking fashion to another level. If you think it’s important to wear trendy, sexy, classy or edgy looking outfits, be aware that an outfit, ”the whole look,” is not complete until you have a cool-looking hairdo or style to go with what you’re wearing.

Since we are talking about fashion beauty, and I spoke with two amazing experts on the topic, Brazilian Beverly Hills hair stylist Mauricio Ribeiro and West Hollywood hair stylist Ricardo Lauritzen. They will share with us some ideas of how to look amazing this season in these one-on-one interviews.

Hair Care – Mauricio Ribeiro

Fashion Spotlight: Mauricio, with the end of summer and the beginning of a new season, what is the kind of care we should have with our hair now that daylight is shorter?
Mauricio Ribeiro:  The best thing is to use True Brazilian home care kit, that way you will be reconstructing your hair with this amazing formula. One of the ingredients is meadowfoam which, when applied with heat will transform your hair and repair any breakage caused by exposure to sun and chemicals. On the finishing gloss you have a blend of ingredients such as argon oil, cupuacu and broccoli seed oil that are full of antioxidants which will keep the nourishment you have received after applying the activating serum.

Fashion Spotlight: Mauricio, what’s the current hair cut trend? What does Hollywood seem to require?

Mauricio Ribeiro:
Long layers, stay away from short layers, women are in love with having long sexy hair.

Fashion Spotlight: Mauricio, how often should a woman have her hair cut to keep it looking healthy?

Mauricio Ribeiro:
Every two months, that way you’ll keep the shape and won’t have a drastic change. On this schedule you will always look fresh. I always tell my clients to pre-book their appointments so they always look their best.

Fashion Spotlight:
 Mauricio, what do you recommend for women in general to take care of their own hair at home? Are there any products you like that are awesome for all types of hair?
Mauricio Ribeiro: Yes, it’s really important to keep with hair maintenance at home by using professional  products. Sometimes the cheap solution will cost you more. For instance, the pH level in Suave is so high that it will ruin the treatment.

Hair Styling tips by Ricardo Lauritzen

Fashion Spotlight:
 Ricardo, what’s the hottest and trendiest hair-do now among celebs and fashionistas?

Ricardo Lauritzen:
 There are a couple styles trending now. The good and old Hollywood, where the hair is perfectly done with no freeze and flyaways, finger-wave kind of style. The other look that is very in right now is less volume on top and more towards the ends. This is more of an everyday look that seems like the hair is almost undone, but clearly it has been.

Fashion Spotlight:
 Ricardo, what’s the most popular hair-do used on red carpets among the stars?

Ricardo Lauritizen: Up do’s never seem to get old; however, celebs are going towards looks that are similar to their regular look. For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of hair down on the red carpet these days, more than ever.

Fashion Spotlight: Ricardo, what’s the hair color of the fall?
Ricardo Lauritzen: Fall is always an interesting season to work. As in spring we start to brighten up hair for the summer, during fall we start darkening for the winter. So rich browns with very few light pieces still remaining from the summer, or if you want to be a little more dramatic, one all-over color is always a more serious look but it is a statement that fall is here.

Fashion Spotlight: Ricardo, you do hair extensions on a daily basis to make women’s hair longer, is it still hot or is something else new now?

Ricardo Lauritzen: Extensions are and will always be in. With that being said, there are always different types of hair and how it is placed with the client’s hair will always depend on the type of hair, how much time they are honestly willing to invest on upkeep. This is connected to the client’s lifestyle. Most important is hair quality. Personally, I will only work with brands where I know the history of the hair and its quality is impeccable.

See you guys next week with more FALL FASHION TIPS!

By Giselle Claudino Edited by Janete Weinstein and Edward Pollard Source: TrueBrazilian.com, Google Images Photos: Google images, Elle.com, E!online

October 9, 2012

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