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Giselle Claudino must have pieces for summer 2012

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Giselle Claudino must have pieces for summer 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — How is the beginning of your summer going so far? I hope really awesome! With the weather being so nice and with the pool parties and vacation trips going on, you must be ready to embrace the new trends and stand out in the crowd.

Today’s piece is a must have list for a stylish summer. Shall we get started?

The Equipment blouse: This item is essential in our closet right now. And why? You must been asking that question, well because it is very chic and trendy. You can use it with shorts, skirt, pants and even over the summer dresses and bathing suits. It will look awesome and very stylish. Trust me! This menswear inspired item has become a very popular trend, almos t every single brand made their version of it.

TIP: Tie your equipment blouse over your bathing suit when you are going to the beach or to the pool and be ready to impress! It looks very cute, I have tried it, and you will be surprised how a little knot makes the difference. In addition, try adding a nice fancy hat and a good pair of sandals to look even more gorgeous than you already are.

The Paisley Trend: A fresh way to wear print, according to the Vogue website, this season we can wear prints as much as we want without even matching them. How cool is that? Seriously!

TIP: If you like a specific print from a specific designer, brand or store, go for it, wear it from head to toe and don’t even worry about matching anything!

Designers such as Stella McCartney, JW Anderson, Paul & Joe, Matthew Williamson and Emilio Pucci embraced the trend in their collections for this season!

TIP: When I say embrace the trend or go for it, doesn’t mean, EXAGGERATE,  I don’t want you to look ridiculous, what I mean is, balance things out when you are combining your look, you want to be classy!


Stripes/ Nautical Trend:  I love stripes, especially if they are in red, navy blue and white/ cream colors. Ah, black stripes are awesome too! They are classics. Colors pretty much loved by stripes lovers. They go out of season and come back every year for the spring and summer ,so, they must be part of wardrobe.

Denim & white blouse:  This items I am sure all of you have in your closets, therefore, cross that off of your “TO BUY LIST”.  A white blouse and a pair of denim is a very causal combination but also very classy and chic too.

TIP: Make sure to add the right jewelry and shoes meaning accessorize it pretty well. I’m sure you can do that!

Floral Prints: If you are one of those people that love prints, or even better, flower prints, this is the summer for you to wear them. Like I said before, just like the paisley print trend, the rule for the flower prints apply the same way. Don’t be afraid of mixing hem. No problem mixing the print, the color and not even the texture. What used to be a mistake, now is a huge trend, in fact, if you mix them very well, you will be seen as a very elegant and stylish girl!

Crocheted clothing:  I love those! They are pretty much all handmade, and very unique looking pieces that you can’t let it pass, it’s a must have. For a hot cover up, the crocheted mini dresses are amazing. If you have handmade crochet piece in your closet like I do, it’s time to get it out and wear it. And if you don’t have one yet, you better get yours and look as hot as Rihanna and Miranda Kerr! According to In Style website, the knit mini crochets tunics, tops and dresses are just the best pick for bathing suits cover up.

These are some quick items to get you started for this summer and remember all the items listed above are extremely affordable. During my research, I was able to find most of the online and at stores for about $50 or less.

See you guys next week with more summer fashion tips!

By Giselle Claudino Edited by Janete Weinstein Source: Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue and Style. Photos: Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue and Style

July 3, 2012

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