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Zebi Designs – Get to know this great Brazilian artist in L.A.

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — Once a year, a prominent Brazilian artist, Sandra Zebi, opens her studio doors with music and food to celebrate the holidays for her annual holiday sale. Nestled in a quiet Marina Del Rey neighborhood, her studio has been creating and showcasing her artwork  over the past 12 years.

Sandra’s artwork has been recognized in numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, Bon Appetit, global magazines and her art has been used as props in television shows. Los Angeles locals can view Sandra’s work displayed at the Brazilian Mall and at the Inglewood City Hall. In Brazil, locals can see one of Sandra’s sculptures is displayed in the city Atibai.

What Keeps Her Inspired?
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As she walks across her studio to show BDCiNews one of her favorite pieces,  the “Zebicasso”, inspired by Pablo Picasso, she explains that “People keeps her inspiration going, as you can see it in my art.” Her clients also come from all over the world. “A lot of foreigners and Brazilians buy my art,” says Sandra. Full of vibrant bright colors and illustrations, her artwork is not limited to just a canvas. She creates everything from functional ceramics, clocks, dishes, greeting cards, placemats, paintings, tiles, jewelry and sculptures.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil Sandra has journeyed to many places before making Los Angeles her home. She has lived in London and Australia, but it was on a stop in Los Angeles that Sandra knew she had to return. “For art, there are not a lot of places like LA,” says Sandra. She likes the diversity and mix of people Los Angeles offers.

What’s Next?

Sandra will be participating in the Venice Art Crawl taking place on December 18th. For more information about the artist, please visit her website or pay a visit to her art studio in the Marina Del Rey located at 13373 Beach Ave.

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