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World’s largest gay pride parade takes place in São Paulo

SÃO PAULO — More than three million people have taken part in the world’s largest gay pride parade in Brazil.

The sixteenth annual march in Sao Paulo saw gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite activists parade through the city to call for an end to homophobic violence in a carnival of colour and festive music.

Last year, in a landmark case for the Catholic dominated country, Brazil’s Supreme Court legally recognised homosexual partnerships.

The decision grants gay couples most of the rights enjoyed by heterosexual partners, including pension benefits,

Photo: Revista Junior

and could soon give them the right to adopt children.

Gay rights activist, Everton Correia, said the parade was only one of the steps to eradicate violence against gay people in Brazil.

He said: “There are 190 million Brazilians and not all gay people have come out. This is a great parade and a great event, but there is still a lot we have to do to fight against homophobic violence. Fortunately Sao Paulo is one of the few cities where people show us a little more respect.”

Source: ITN

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