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World Cup Twiiter traffic better than Super Bowl’s

SÃO PAULO (BDCI) – According to the social media company Twitter, Saturday (28) saw more tweets posted about the 2014 World Cup than the last Super Bowl.

Though the match did not surpass the Super Bowl in total tweets, it managed to set a tweeting record.

The Brazil – Chile game ended in a penalty shootout that sent Brazil to the quarter-final round of the tournament, causing traffic on the site to reach a record pace of 388,985 tweets per minute.

The tweeting peaked when Chile missed the last penalty kick and Brazil secured their spot in the next round.

This year’s NFL final between Denver and Seattle only generated 381,605 tweets per minute.

Super Bowl XLVII generated a total of 24.9 million tweets, while Brazil’s latest game scored only 16.4 million tweets.

By: Diego Díaz Source: Reuters Photo: 30 June 2014

09:22 a.m. P.D.T.

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