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UFC: Jones toes line in Sonnen title defense

NEWARK, NJ (BDCi TV) – – 27 seconds. That’s all light heavyweight Chael Sonnen needed to win after getting pummeled in the first round of the main event versus current champ Jon Jones.

Why? If the referees hadn’t called the fight, and allowed Sonnen to go on to the second round Saturday night, Jones would have likely been disqualified after it became evident that he mangled his toe during the Sonnen barrage late in the first round. Had a more flexible ring judge presided over the fight card, Sonnen would be wearing a new belt around town, instead of being the joke of UFC.

As it is, Jones, while retaining his belt, was suspended after the fight until his toe is evaluated and treated sufficiently.

In other fights on the main card Michael Bisping earned a technical decision over Alan Belcher, and is heavily rumored to be slated against Anderson Silva in a future challenge should Silva survive the UFC 162 bout with Chris Weidman.

Other winners at the sold out Prudential Center included heavyweight Roy Nelson and light heavyweight Phil Davis.

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