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Tuesday election results spell ACCOUNTABILITY

Tuesday election results spell ACCOUNTABILITY

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) – – Tuesday was a day of reckoning for some of the most notorious politicians in the United States.

Starting in California, Brad Sherman beat out long time San Fernando Valley congressman Howard Berman for the seat that was recently redistricted.  Even though Sherman won, the two will battle in a runoff in November to determine the real winner for that office.

Also a surprise was the upset in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office race where City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the leading fundraiser by far, was out voted by Deputy District Attorneys Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey.

Several other races were too close to call, with votes being counted into late Tuesday and low turnouts were rampant.

Prop 29, which aims to raise taxes on tobacco products, was not doing well on Wednesday afternoon (6) but was also too close to call.

Prop 28 had voters less confused. It would limit lawmakers to 12 years in the Legislature but allow them to serve the entire stretch of the Senate or Assembly.

Several “swing” districts have risen and could be won by either party.

By: Diego Díaz, Don Weinstein

Source: KTLA

Photo: Google

6 June 2012

7:35 p.m. P.D.T.

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