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Thousands line the streets of LA for Gay Pride 2011

Thousands line the streets of LA for Gay Pride 2011
WEST HOLYWOOD,CA (BDCi) –Thousands fill up the streets of Westto Hollywood to celebrate 41st annual Gay Pride Parade on Sunday and pay homage to what many may consider a great event for today’s history.

The West Hollywood event celebrated the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities—an honor that has been celebrated almost annually since 1970.
Everyone there honored the event differently.

BDCi spoke with one of attendees Michelle Santos, “for me I go for the fun, because it’s just great music, a lot of people …I don’t go for the equal rights, it is really nice that everyone is out there trying to get some respect for their sexual choice.”

Whether some people were in shocking costumes or others had a more serious approach holding posters demonstrating a proposal to increase tolerance for our gay communities—all came to join these festive crowds to celebrate equality and acceptance; something that many find themselves battling when it comes to Prop.8.

However event organizers report the popular West Hollywood parade attracted more than 100,000 people along with three-time national figure skating champion—Johnny Weir who serves as this year’s grand marshal.

Some event collaborators told media this event was about increasing the level of tolerance and awareness in regards to social injustices.

By Shayla Selva Source: KTLA

June 13th, 2011

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