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Strange symbols on Southwest jets

Strange symbols on Southwest jets LOS ANGELES (BDCi) – A recent rash of tagging on Southwest Airlines planes has caught the attention of federal offices, now joining the investigation, reports KTLA. A spokesperson for the airline has confirmed that 737s parked at the gate are being targeted, specifically on the underbellies of the planes. However, Eichinger had no comment as to the number of vandalized planes or the locations of reported incidents. According to ABC15 in Phoenix, the marks resemble “Arabic-type” symbols. KNX 1070 reports that the etchings appear to have been made with a chemical process that only reveals the marks when an auxiliary power unit turns on, heating up the jet’s outer skin. The company says “the issue is [being] taken very seriously” and that they will “work in cooperation with both local and federal law…until the issue is resolved.”

Whitney Eichinger, a spokesperson for the airline, said the markings first appeared in February.

By: Diego Díaz Source: KTLA 22 September 2011

10:29 a.m. P.D.T.

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