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‘Pink slime’ production on hold

‘Pink slime’ production on hold
U.S.A. (BDCi) – U.S. company Beef Products Inc., creator of the beef product now better known as “pink slime,” is stopping production at three of its four plants following continued concern and criticism about the product.

Schools here in the U.S. are already allowed to stop serving the beef product and can now choose from other alternatives, the result of a social media campaign against the product’s use earlier this month.

While federal regulators insist the beef meets safety standards, critics still say the food is “unappetizing” and possibly “unsafe.”

The three plants coming to a stop are in Amarillo, Texas; Garden City, Kansas and Waterloo, Iowa.

During the halted production, some 200 employees at each location will receive their full salary and benefits for 60 days.

Beef Products Inc. hopes for the return of business once fears about the beef subside.

By: Diego Díaz Source: BBC Photo: AP

27 March 2012

11:05 p.m. P.D.T.

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