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Overpass collapse kills 2 in Brazil

BELO HORIZONTE (BDCi) – Two people were killed in the World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte when a freeway overpass collapsed onto the front of a commuter bus.

One of the fatalities was the driver of the bus. 22 other people also sustained injuries.

Two unoccupied construction trucks and another car were also crushed by the falling bridge.

While officials work to free the passenger car and see if anyone was inside, the construction firm responsible for building the overpass said that technical staff had been sent to begin investigating the accident.

The concrete and steel bridge was still under construction at the time of the collapse, part of Brazil’s failure to complete World Cup projects in time for the soccer event.

By: Diego Díaz Source: BBC News Photo: 4 July 2014

09:55 a.m. P.D.T.

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