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OC woman burned by phosphate rocks

OC woman burned by phosphate rocks

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (BDCi) – The beach rocks that gave a 43-year-old woman serious burns earlier this month were actually covered in elevated levels of phosphate, according to tests.

Lyn Hiner’s children gathered seven rocks from Trestles Beach and took them home.

Later that day, Hiner picked them up from the ground and put them in her pocket.

After initial sensations of intense heat, Hiner’s shorts caught fire. The rocks had either caught fire or had become hot enough to ignite her clothing.

The rocks were sent to a state laboratory to be tested and Thursday (31) results confirmed elevated traces of the inorganic chemical.

But how the phosphate got on the rocks remains a mystery.

Hiner was treated for severe second and third-degree burns on her right leg.

Her husband, who was hurt while trying to put out the fire, suffered second-degree burns on his arm.


OC woman burned when beach rocks ignite in pocket

By: Diego Díaz

Source: KTLA

Photo: Google

1 June 2012

11:10 a.m. P.D.T.

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