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No evictions at Occupy L.A

No evictions at Occupy L.A
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (BDCi) – There were no evictions at the Occupy L.A encampment even thought the midnight deadline was when the camp became illegal.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck says it was not a deadline for police action to kick out protesters.

“We will enforce the law on our own time schedule,” Beck said at a morning news conference Monday. Beck reiterated that officers would take action only “when it makes sense.”

Throughout the night and into early morning, about 1,000 protesters blocked the streets around City Hall. At about 5 a.m., police issued an order to disperse. Most protesters did, but a few were arrested.

The protesters moved off the streets, allowing traffic to move freely in time for rush hour and back onto the park grounds around City Hall, where they have been camped out for the last eight weeks.

Authorities are now hoping that people will leave City Hall Park through attrition. However, if they don’t the occupation cannot last forever, police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said.

We’ll pick the right time and we’ll make sure to do that in the safest manner possible,” Smith said.

By: Natania Levine Courtesy: Photo: 28 November 2011

11:20 a.m P.S.T

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