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Lula da Silva medical exam shows no tumor

(BDCi) – The latest medical examination of former Brazilian president Lula da Silva has shown that a cancerous tumor in his larynx has disappeared, one of his doctors told a local newspaper Sunday.

Oncologist Artur Katz told Folha newspaper that “from a tomography point of view, the tumor can no longer be seen.”

However, he pointed out that a definitive answer will be known after an endoscopy that will be performed at the end of radiation therapy that should be concluded in four to six weeks.

The former president underwent a third round of chemotherapy in December. Doctors rejected a surgery option after the December chemotherapy treatment reduced the cancerous tumor by 75%.


Lula diagnosed with throat cancer

By: Natania Levine Courtesy: Photo: 14 February 2012

10:25 a.m P.S.T

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