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L.A. animal rights group attacks In-N-Out

L.A. animal rights group attacks In-N-Out
L.A. (BDCi) – Mercy For Animals, based in Los Angeles, urged In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday (10) to cut its ties with an Idaho dairy after the unveiling of a video in which workers stomp, shock and beat cows.

A cow being dragged along the floor by a chain around her neck can also be seen on the video.

The video, captured undercover at Bettencourt Dairies, was released by Mercy For Animals.

Three former workers have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty due to the video.

Luis Bettencurt, the dairy owner, fired five workers who appear in the video.

Representatives for the animal rights group hope the video will make major companies end relations with Bettencourt Dairies and that they will adopt new animal welfare guidelines.

In-N-Out has expressed its shock at the video but says they do not have a direct tie to Bettencourt Dairies.

They say the cheese is bought from “a major international cheese supplier headquartered in Wisconsin;” which purchases from a bulk cheese manufacturer that buys from Bettencourt.

The group has also targeted Burger King on their website.

By: Diego Díaz Source: NBC Photo: The Blaze 12 October 2012

4:05 a.m. P.D.T

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