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Exploring the new in Old Town Pasadena

PASADENA (BDCi)–Known for its rich and traditional architectural accents Old Town Pasadena offers more than its unpolished buildings.

Home to the tournament of roses and the well known rose bowl, Old Town Pasadena is a place where memorable buildings welcome the new generation with open-air streets and a collection of cultivated shopping.

This unique town was given the named “Pasadena”, taken from the Chippewa Indian word for “Crown of the Valley” and was chosen during the 1870’s.

One if its greatest attributes back then was its agricultural community along with its plan build a school and a postal office.

There where no initial plans to build a business district when the members of the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association apportioned their land on January 27, 1874. Today, there are more than 100 diverse restaurants to choose from. People can experience a range of exotic foods from Italian to Tibetan cuisine.

There small out door cafes where many can sit down and enjoy a cappuccino while admiring the historical buildings.

The nightlife in Old Town Pasadena is electrifying and convincing that the younger generation can have fun there too.

However there is plenty of entertainment and fun for all including activities for kids.
It is a playful town where there is always room for new business improvement that keeps its architectural integrity.

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Shayla Selva Source: The real Down Town Old Pasadena and LAWeekly

June 22, 2011

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