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Eagle fire threatens northeastern San Diego County

Eagle fire threatens northeastern San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (BDCi) – – The Eagle fire that began Thursday evening in the northeastern part of San Diego County, has burned more than 9,000 acres and is heading towards Borrego Springs, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection officials confirmed Saturday. So far, there are no reports of major injuries, death, or structural damages. Even so, Native America archaeological sites appear to be at risk since the blazes started on the Los Coyote Indian Reservation.

Other facts as reported by the state fire officials:

30% of the fire has been contained, yet only two cabins were evacuated near the area. More than 1,000 firefighters and 7 air tankers are fighting the blazes, and there are no reports on the cause of the fire.

The current estimated cost for fire control is at more than $2.5 million.

Writer: Shayla Selva Edited by: Don Weinstein Source: Los Angeles Times 23 July 2011

11:50p.m. P.D.T.

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