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Death toll rises after Philippines typhoon

LIGAN, PHILIPPINES (BDCi) – The Philippine government shipped more than 400 coffins Tuesday to two flood-stricken cities in the south where the death toll from the  typhoon has neared 1,000.

The latest count listed 957 dead and 40 missing and is set to climb further as additional bodies are being recovered from the sea and mud in Illigan and Cagayan de oro cities.

A handful of morgues are overwhelmed and running out of coffins and formaldehyde for embalming. Aid workers appealed for bottled water, blankets, tents and clothes for many of 45,000 displaced in crowded evacuation centers.

The U.N food agency flew in three tons of high-protein biscuits together with water tanks, blankets, tarpaulins and tents for some 75,000 people. Shortage of water was still a major problem for the two cities.


650 killed in Typhoon in Philippines, hundreds missing

By: Natania Levine



20 December 2011

12:31 p.m P.S.T

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