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CLIC: Change your shoes look under a minute

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) — On average, a woman takes about an hour to get ready to go to work. However some might take more time due to the doubt that arises when it is time to choose the footwear.  How can I match my shoes with my clothes or purse? What a dilemma.

My personal preference is open toe shoes. I love sandals, and when CLIC Footwear sent me a sample of their collection, I fell in love immediately.  Let me explain why.  The company is innovating in the footwear industry with its new product,  a shoe that can change its look in under a minute. And much more, this retail brand lets shoppers design their own shoes online.

Each shoe is sold with a base (a classic heel and sole) and one upper (toe straps that easily click into the base). Uppers are also sold as separate units and are available in hundreds of styles, materials, and colors. Every upper clicks seamlessly into each base, in addition to 5mm of memory foam, which brings extreme comfort to your feet.

Photo Credit: CLIC Footware

This innovative idea saves room in your closet and in your suitcases.  And the result? Well, women can change the style of their shoes for every season, every meeting, and in any moment with just one click.

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