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Brazilian to lead UN forces in Congo

BRASILIA, BRAZIL—The United Nations (UN) has appointed a Brazilian general to bring a Haiti slum under the control of lead peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. General Carlos Alberto dos Santa Cruz will be leading 20,000 troops, including a new combat force charged with targeting rebels in the east of the country.

This mandate will be the most offensive one given to any UN peacekeeping troop. General Santos Cruz told reporters that his troops would be trained to the try and maintain the safety of civilians and private property within the country.

 “The most critical area is nowadays the eastern part of the country.” He told the media. “I am ready to face the most difficult of scenarios. The main objective is to relieve the suffering of the people.”

His troops will be charged with “neutralizing and disarming” armed groups who have been pillaging the Congo for the past two decades. The most recent uprising by M23  was in 2012, and forced 800,000 people to flee their homes.

Both Rwanda and Uganda deny helping the M23.

The current UN force in the Congo, known as Monusco has the reputation of being ineffective and criticized for it’s inability to disband the group.

By: Julia Roake

Source: BBC

Image: BBC

25 April 2013

08:30am PDT

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