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Animal fur no longer a fashion statement in WesHo

Animal fur no longer a fashion statement in WesHo
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA (BDCi) — West Hollywood is moving forward with plans to ban fur sales. They become the first U.S city to impose such a ban.

The City Council voted 5-0 after a seven hour meeting that ended early Tuesday to proceed with an ordinance prohibiting the sale of clothing or personal attire made of animal hair, wool or fur. The sale of leather is not considered a violation.

City staff will comprise details of the law including when it will be implemented and the amount of civil penalties before the next council meeting.

The city has long been known for its animal friendly laws. Pet in West Hollywood, for example, are formally recognized as “companions” and their owners as “guardians.”

By Natania Levine Courtesy: Washington Post Photo: 20 September 2011

11:10 a.m P.D.T

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