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Adult film productions temporary halted

Adult film productions temporary halted

LOS ANGELES, CA (BDCi) – Results of an HIV test has caused for a temporary shutdown of adult film productions across Los Angeles. An adult entertainer tested HIV-positive in a different state other than in California. “Until we know for sure, we’ve asked the industry to have a moratorium on production,” said Diane Duke, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, a Canoga Park-bases porn industry trade group. Duke’s group was informed of the possible HIV case on Saturday. They did not reveal how they came to find out about the case and did not expose personal information about the person, citing medical privacy laws. Duke informed the adult film production companies Monday morning that a performer had tested positive and pressed them to stop production until further tests were done. Amongst the companies Duke informed included well-recognized Hustler video and Evil Angel. Both companies agreed to shut down temporarily until more tests were completed

Duke also informed actors who performed with the possibly infected person of the case so they can get tested too.

“Retesting and confirmation is underway as is the process of identifying and testing first-and second-generation partners, “she said, meaning those who have had sexual contact with the person or with one of the person’s sex partners.

In a statement released to the Industry media, Duke stated the performer tested positive in another state’s testing facility “that does not appear to have protocols or procedures in place for medical follow-up (including generation testing).” Adult Film performers must be tested every 30 days and show proof of results before performing in California. AIM medical associates P.C. had been overlooking the industry’s database of the test results before it was closed back in May. During that time they were confronting a lawsuit that alleged it exposed performers’ confidential medical information. The new database will reveal whether performers were able to work but did not reveal their test results as AIM had done, said Duke. AIM was also under fire when its officials drew controversy in 1998 for opposing condom use in the porn industry and said that frequent tests could protect performers fro HIV. Derick Burts, a performer, tested HIV-positive at AIM last year. Burts has joined the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to include a proposition for measure on the 2012 June Ballot which requires adult film performers to use condoms so that porn film makers can obtain L.A. city film permits. In order for this measure to take place, more than 40,000 signatures must be submitted to petition it by Dec. 23. President of the AIDS Health care Foundation, Michael Weinstein pushed for Los Angeles city official to freeze adult film permits until the performers are required to use protection. How many performers must become infected with HIV and other serious STD’s before the industry will clean up its act and government will do the right thing?” Weinstein said. Meanwhile, L.A. Film officials, the non-profit who issues the permits, said they cannot shut down production without the city’s permission.

The city is in recess until Sept.6.

By: Shayla Selva Source: La Times August 30, 2011

12:30 p.m. PDT

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