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8 million people look up reps after SOPA blackout

8 million people look up reps after SOPA blackout
(BDCi) – During its blackout Wednesday, Wikipedia asked users to imagine a world without free knowledge and then call their representatives in congress.

Millions of Americans took that to heart. Along with the 4.5 million people who signed the Google anti-censorship petition, millions more looked up information about their congressional representatives. No wonder politicians are starting to feel the pressure.

Wikipedia, the sixth most trafficked site in America and the largest Web player to block access to its pages Wednesday, reported that 162 million people experience the blackout on the online encyclopedia’s home page. Of those, 8 million U.S readers followed Wikipedia’s advice and looked up their congressional representatives.

Twitter says that 2.4 million SOPA-related tweets were sent in the first 16 hours of the day Wednesday. Democracy requires participation and the public has spoken in their disproval of SOPA.

By: Natania Levine



19 January 2012

12:37 p.m P.S.T

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